Ephesians: Staggering Newness in Christ

Danny Ovalle


Description:In this ‘on the ground’ overview of Ephesians, Pastor Danny presents a survey of this letter and several compelling reasons why it is worth digging into. Join us as we explore Ephesians together.

Ephesians: The New Humanity

Danny Ovalle


Description:Today we explore some of the 20 foot flyover details of Ephesians, this book's place in the storyline of the Bible and our place in the storyline of Ephesians"The Old Testament tells us how the story begins.The Gospels tell us who the story is about.The Epistles (Ephesians) tell us what the story means.Revelation tells us how the story ends.We need it all." -Pastor Nate PicowiczThe main theme of Ephesians: The New Humanity (Created)Established & ExpressedGod’s ARRANGEMENT, ACCOMPLISHMENT & APPLICATION of a New Humanity in Christ replaces failed old humanity in Adam! Tune in...

Ephesians: 10,000 Foot Flyover

Danny Ovalle


Description:This 10,000 foot flyover of Ephesians includes this video by The Bible Project. You can watch the video referenced at the 25 minute mark of this message here: https://youtu.be/Y71r-T98E2Q