A Divine Promise of Divine Action

Danny Ovalle


Description:God PROMISED a Rescuer for the fallen human race! God ACTED in the rescue of the human race!God became man, in Jesus Christ ~ the Christmas Treasure ~ to save sinners, by coming nto our world, live a perfect life, die a sacrificial death and rise from the dead to CRUSH the serpent, the enemy of God and His people!Come and be reminded of the sure promise of God and the Mighty Action of the Savior, came, loved us and gave Himself for us...to bring us to God!What a Christmas GIFT!

Separation and Restoration

Danny Ovalle

12/18/11 (Genesis 3:21-24)

Description:In this final section of Genesis 3 we see the Lord upholding His own character as He casts Adam & Eve out of the Garden of Eden. This passage also shows us there is no way back to the Tree of life...except by God's own plan, through the coming of the seed of the woman, even our Lord Jesus Christ.Yes there is just separation from God because of sin & rebellion and unbelief. Yet in the mercy of God, there is the hope of restoration through the death & resurrection of Jesus!

Even in Judgment, God is Gracious

Danny Ovalle

12/11/11 (Genesis 3:14-20)

Description:In this message on Genesis 3:14-20, God shows Himself as the Soveriegn Judge, pronouncing His Judgment on the rebellious Serpent, woman & man.We examined these three elements of the passage:1. Judgment Comes When Rebellion Occurs (Genesis 3:14-19)2. The Age Long “Enmity” of the Offsprings3. The First Gospel Promise (Genesis 3:15)

You Can Run, But Cannot Hide

Danny Ovalle

12/04/11 (Genesis 3.8-13)

Description:In our ongoing series in Genesis 1-3 we examine these 3 points in this message:1. Rebellion Against God Brings Fear, Because it Should (Genesis 3:8)2. When God Questions Man, He Gets to the Root (Genesis 3:9ff)3. The Blame - Game, It’s Just a Cover-up (Genesis 3:10-13)

The Sin of Mankind:Rejecting God as God

Danny Ovalle

11/27/11 (Genesis 3.1-7 Part 2)

Description:"The death of the Son of God and the damnation of unrepentant human beings are the loudest shouts under heaven that God is infinitely holy, and sin is infinitely offensive, and wrath is infinitely just, and grace is infinitely precious." ~ John PiperThis is what we find in this section of the Bible as the account of the fall of man in sin unfolds. This is the black backdrop of human sin and brokeness that makes the jewel of the gospel of Jesus Christ sparkle, for He came into the world to save sinners. A real remedy for real rebels like us!

The Glory of God Rejected (Pt1)

Danny Ovalle

11/20/11 (Genesis 3.1-7 Part 1)

Description:Think of this morning’s message as a verbal visit to a jewelry store. A big, posh, fancy, well decorated, ritzy, jewelry establishment.Picture yourself in the midst of the polished sales associates, the brightness of lights, the attraction of the sparkling rings and manly, silver-beamed watches, the cornucopia of elaborate necklaces and dangling earrings....and the diamonds....oh the diamonds! Did I say “the diamonds”? There you are, in sensory-overload!While you are there, don’t forget to look up. That’s right. Look up, and around and notice the lighting in that place. Strategic beams of light are wisely placed all over the ceiling for a specific purpose. That is, to magnify the richness of the sparkle of the silver, gold & diamond jewelry...Oh the diamonds!There is also one other very important piece of equipment in that store, that plays a most vital role. It’s importance cannot be overestimated. And its worth and role in that store is extremely crucial. Any guesses?A piece of Black Velvet! That’s right. Black Velvet. Why?This morning’s message is the black velvet of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. This background, the backdrop of the weight of sin, brokenness, failure, exchange sets the context as to why the good news of Jesus Christ is, just that: GOOD NEWS! Why is good news, good news? R.C. Sproul tells the story of a man on campus that yells to him across the plaza, “Brother, are ya saved?” Sproul smirkingly replies, “saved from what?”. The man replies again “Brother, are ya saved?” Once again, Sproul answers back: “SAVED FROM WHAT?”Get it?The truth of this mornings text is so necessary, as difficult as it is to hear, to understanding why it is that Holy God, the Son, must come and die...and die a death on a cross...and rise from the dead...in order to save us...and bring us back to God!

The Romance Of Marriage

Danny Ovalle

11/13/11 (Genesis 2.18-25)

Description:As we make our way through the Genesis account in our Sunday Sermon Series "Once Upon A Time", exploring the opening three chapters of the Bible, we find ourselves this week looking at the very first marriage in the Bible. The Sermon for this Sunday is entitled: "The Romance of Marriage"(Genesis 2:18-25) And what a section of scripture this is! Full of God's creative Genius, His compassionate provision for Adam, His "Fatherly" care to provide for and bless the first couple, and the continuation of setting of the stage of the ultimate human trial, in anticipation of the temptation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The plot thickens...The Biblical plot thickens, as does our own personal marital plot, from time to time. There is no doubt that the God-given institution of Marriage is under assault in our day. Both attacks from without, and erosion within, God's plan and purpose for marriage is a mess all too often. We need all the help we can muster, so that our marriages - both husbands & wives - are touched once again by the grace of God in the gospel of His Son Jesus Christ and real help and real hope can come to us, so that our marriages are strong and full of blessing to one another, our children and our community.

The Stage is Set

Danny Ovalle

11/6/11 (Genesis 2.4-17)

Description:The Stage of Man's Trial is Set!“The creation story presents the tremendous acts of creation as a mere curtain-raiser to the drama that slowly unfolds throughout the length of the Bible. The prologue is over in a page; there are a thousand to follow.”~ Derek Kidner, Genesis, Tyndale O. T. Commentary, IVP, p 57

It Is Finished!

Danny Ovalle

10/16/11 (Genesis 1.31-2.3)

Description:When God works in Creation, He really works...When God FINISHES His work of creation, He really rests!When God works in Redemption through Jesus, He really works by His righteous life, sin-bearing death and power-exerting resurrection. Jesus said: "It is finished"! The work of God to save you & me is done...by Jesus, once and for all! So stop trying to save yourself by what you do and rest in what He has done!What good news.

God, Mankind & The "Super" Man

Danny Ovalle

10/09/11 (Genesis 1.26-2.7)

Description:The Triune God creates man in His own image and likeness...when He wants, how He wants and for His own purposes...to reflect His incredible beauty and superlative glory. Unfortunately we fail in reflecting God, yet God's own solution to the problem is to become a man Himself, in the Person of Jesus Christ, to love us and to give Himself for us!

Who Is The God of The Bible?

Danny Ovalle

09/25/11 (Genesis 1.1)

Description:The Bible opens with this stunning, trumpeting announcement:In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)What we are exploring here in this first message in Genesis IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU COULD EVER HEAR IN ALL OF YOUR LIFE!This is no overstatement! Nothing exaggerated here.Can you name anyone, anything, more important than God?Can you name anyone, anything, more valuable than God?Can you name anyone, anything, more beautiful, interesting, captivating, thrilling, precious, honorable, powerful...than God?Join us as we begin our journey in to the Story of God...God's story about Himself and the wonders of His creation...

The Promise Driven Life

Michael Horton


Description:Micheal Horton was our featured speaker at our "Putting Amazing Back Into Grace" weekend Conference (video coming soon). This message was the sermon delivered at our Gathered Worship Service with our friends from Haverhill Community Church and Cornerstone Church.