Romans Finale: The Gospel of Grace That Sets You FREE!

Danny Ovalle


Description:6/17/18Romans 16Danny Ovalle, PastorThis is the final message in the series.

Amazing Grace to the Most Unsuspecting

Danny Ovalle


Description:6/10/18Romans 15Danny Ovalle, Preaching

Humility: God’s Greatest Backwards Trait

Danny Ovalle


Description:6/3/18Romans 15:1-7Scripture Reader: Nancy MurphySermon: Danny Ovalle, Pastor

The Infinity of Love Produces Unity

Danny Ovalle


Description:5/27/18Romans 14Scripture Reader: Scott HigginsSermon: Danny Ovalle, Pastor

Only Love Produces Love

Danny Ovalle


Description:5/20/18Romans 13:8-14Scripture Reader: Steve Swartz Preaching: Danny Ovalle, Pastor

Life in Two Kingdoms: The Greater Impacts the Lesser

Danny Ovalle


Description:5/13/18Romans 13:1-7Scripture Reader: Gil Malfatti Sermon: Danny Ovalle, Pastor

The Lavish Spontaneity of Love: Thinking Maturely About Good Works

Danny Ovalle


Description:4/22/18Romans 12:3-8Mike Ovalle, Scripture ReadingDanny Ovalle, Pastor: Preaching

Some Things to Remember, Some to Forget

Danny Ovalle


Description:4/15/18Romans 12:1-2Phil Lakaszcyck, Scripture ReadingDanny Ovalle, Preaching

Who Are You Looking For?

Mark Soucy


Description:February 18, 2018Mark SoucyGenesis 3:6-11

#1 FCC Resolution for 2018

Danny Ovalle


Description:Romans 9:30-33"Because of our fallen world, what appears to be from God as backwards, is actually true...and living…and profitable!"

Not All Good Things Must Come To An End!

Danny Ovalle


Description:12/31/17 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 | Isaiah 40Because of the coming of Jesus Christ (Christmas), and His holy, sinless life, and His sin atoning death (Good Friday) and His victorious resurrection (Easter) He has secured for us an eternal glory, that spans time and has no end!

Christmas: The Sovereign Love of Christ

Danny Ovalle


Description:12/24/17The Sovereign Grace of God: Established, Experienced & Explained“As he says in Hosea: “I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my people; and I will call her ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one,” and, “In the very place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ there they will be called ‘children of the living God.’””Romans 9:25-26

Christmas: When Suffering Gives Way to Joy

Danny Ovalle


Description:When massive pain gives way to gospel relief, that equals joy! When massive pain yields to a God kind of relief, well that equals double-joy!

72 Questions That Shut the Mouth and Bring Gospel Hope

Danny Ovalle


Description:Before the sovereignty of God, we all are humbled. This is God’s first work on us toward jaw-dropping redemption. 72 Questions that Shut The Mouth…And Bring Great Gospel Hope!

A Passion to Spread God’s Sovereign, Free, Unconditional Grace

Danny Ovalle


Description:11/19/17Romans 9:1-5When you hit the “jackpot”, you’re compelled with a broken-heartedness to share it with others who don’t have it, aren’t cha? Tune in and be reminded of the jackpot of the love of Christ, laid on your soul's lap, that's come to you in Christ...and be encouraged to share Him with others!

Resting in the Sovereignty of God

Danny Ovalle


Description:11/12/17Romans 11:33-36Danny Ovalle

The Blessing of Prayer: God is Near!

Danny Ovalle


Description:11/5/17Philippians 4:4-9Danny Ovalle

Reformation 500: Seeing God’s Grace Through A Clear Lens

Danny Ovalle


Description:10/29/17Danny OvalleCelebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Him. Who. Loved. Us!

Danny Ovalle


Description:10/22/17Romans 8:31-39In Jesus Christ there is unshakable security in life, born out of God’s unbreakable love for you.This is nothing less than seeing Christianity rightly: Him Who Loved US!This about God breaking the curse of seeing the entirety of the Christian faith in a wrong, false, boring, man-centered fashion!This is not about Man’s doing (your doing, my doing) BUT God’s DONE & DOING!And the indescribable security this brings the sheep is simply breathtaking!

Suffering, Groaning & Weakness Met Head On By A Divine Promise

Danny Ovalle


Description:God impacts us in our “in the moments weight of trials” with the greater weight of His eternal plan & promise that brings serious perspective... which brings us great relief & hope!“God enters through the window of suffering, need and dependency rather than control, master and glory.” - Paul F.M. Zahl

God's Single-Handed Salvation

Danny Ovalle


Description:This was the opening message at the Reformation 500 Conference held at FCC on September 29-30, 2017

Rock-Solid Relief for the Suffering

Danny Ovalle


Description:September 24, 2017Romans 8:18-30

Jonah - The Prodigal Prophet

Mark Soucy


Description:7/30/17 Jonah (Part 3)

Jonah - The Prodigal Prophet

Mark Soucy


Description:7/23/17 Jonah (Part 2)

The Prodigal Prophet (Part 1)

Mark Soucy


Description:7/16/17A summer series on the book of Jonah.

34 Hallelujah’s for the Forgiveness of Sins

Danny Ovalle


Description:7/9/17 Psalm 130God, who makes a record of my sins, in Jesus Christ, does not KEEP a record of my sins!

Testimony of Fran Webber

Fran Webber


Description:7/2/17 "The One Who Overcomes" is the Life testimony of how the grace Of God came to Fran Webber.

Testimony of Mike Ovalle

Mike Ovalle


Description:7/2/17 Mike Ovalle shared how he's a new creation through Jesus Christ, and his free gift of faith! This is how the Lord has "cleansed the swamp of my soul"!

13 Sticks of Liberating Dynamite for the Soul

Danny Ovalle


Description:6/25/17Romans 8:1In Romans 7 we saw the law’s choke hold of demand causes us to cry “uncle” by realizing “owretched man that I am, who will rescue me from this body of death?” And we are left in amound of guilt, condemnation and fear, unable to help ourselves, in any way, shape and form.But here, in Romans 8, God announces good news for the deeply conflicted soul!Oh what difference a chapter can make. And O what difference the grace of God can make inyour life. If despair, guilt, shame & fear are your constant companions, sit tight, take a deepbreath misfit, and hear the pain-relieving, liberating goodness & kindness of God in the grace ofJesus Christ!

True Confessions of a Conflicted Soul

Danny Ovalle


Description:6/18/17 Romans 7:7-25"There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in!" - Leonard CohenThis message is dedicated, with my deepest love and utmost respect, to my father, Arthur Ovalle!

I Do: God’s Covenantal Love and The Fight Against Sin

Danny Ovalle


Description:6/4/17Romans 7:1-6When God says "I DO" to the soul, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!Come join us and Behold, the Lamb of God, who unites us to Himself in gargantuan love...which makes a difference in our battle with sin...

You. Are. Mine!

Danny Ovalle


Description:5/28/17 Romans 6:15-23God is at work for good in your life as He has taken you from the control & ownership of evil, sin, death & hell and brought you to the kingdom of life, because He now owns you, and BECAUSE OF THIS NEW REALITY...EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

Your Place In His Story

Danny Ovalle


Description:5/14/17 Romans 6:1-14The knowledge of your place in His story will lead you to a holy & godly life that is driven not by legalism (your performancism), or a careless lawlessness, but by a freedom of being connected to something larger: YOUR UNION WITH JESUS CHRIST!