the in reach

a horizontal, impacting reaching in of one another's lives in the body of Christ, through love, care and discipleship. sometimes real messy, yet always hopeful in Jesus, we roll up our sleeves & hit our knees as we do the many 'one-another's' with each other. 

our walk with God is a community project!

these are the ways we reach in to lives with love, care & discipleship

  • office team

    our office team leader: Marilyn Crosby


    (978) 374-1114

  • diaconate

    our diaconate team serves our congregation in matters of care, prayer & financial assistance. please contact: Mark Soucy Senior Deacon.

  • finance - property - music - Prayer teams

    these teams care for our flock through good stewardship of our finances, our campus facility & soul care through worship in song and through prayer. Submit a Prayer Request HERE

  • worship breakfast services

    each Sunday before Christmas & Easter, we celebrate in worship in the Fellowship Hall, with a full, free breakfast, right in the middle of our worship service. we enjoy "table-fellowship" as we feed both the body & soul