from observation to participation

this page is where the action takes place, where the details of our ministry through

Our 4 Reaches can be found. 

we are created, redeemed & equipped by God to play a part in His matchless kingdom! 

we can help you deepen the relationship God has with you, discover God's call on your life, equip you for your ministry and see God do more among us than we can ever ask or imagine! Have a look around... 

Participate in our 4 reaches

we exist to declare & demonstrate the liberating power of the gospel

  • The DOWN-reach

    think preaching, teaching, bible study, seminars & conferences. great commission mandate stuff. here's how to participate:

    Sunday sermons

    bible study


  • The up-reach

    think worship through song, praise, prayer, confession, repentance, intercession. 

    here's how to participate:

    worship rehearsal: Thursday 7PM & Saturday 8AM

    prayer ministry: Tuesday 7PM

  • The in-reach

    think love, care and discipleship within the family of God. growing together in Christ-likeness so that we actually love one another & care deeply for our FCC family members.

    Here's how to participate:

    Prayer - Music - 

  • the out-reach

    think over-flowing compassion & mercy to those around us, because we can keep it in! here's how to participate: