First church of christ - Bradford

Gathered 1682

"Connecting God's inexhaustible grace to an exhausted world

through the finished work of Jesus Christ"

sunday worship 10AM  (in person & On zoom)


  tuesday (ZOOM) prayer 6 PM   |   Thursday (ZOOM) prayer 11 AM  


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video: WElcome to FCC

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some things you should know about us right off the bat...  

  • we exist to declare & demonstrate the liberating power of the gospel. This means, we speak plain words of God's Law (that exposes our sin) and God's Gospel (that delivers from sin) which sets the captives free! And we also put our words into action. (more HERE)
  • we are "old-fashioned in a new sort of way". We aim to be rooted in the bible, connected to the past, relevant in the present and hopeful for the future. (more HERE)
  • we operate our life & ministry in 4 directions: DOWN-reach, UP-reach, IN-reach & OUT-reach. (more HERE)
  • no one here, and we mean no one, has it all together. The pack of us are broken, more than we realize. In a word: sinners. And we are also loved more than we can imagine. In a word: saved! We are secure in Jesus!
  • we are grace-driven. That means we rest deep because Jesus finished the work necessary to make us loved, accepted & forgiven by God! once & for all, it is finished, we are free...with no "ifs, ands or buts" ...with no strings attached. That's real good news! 
  • we've been around town since 1682! Yup, this all began 340 years ago, and we're still going strong, by God's grace!
  • everyone matters, but none of us is the point. Jesus is! There is place for everyone to contribute in a meaningful & satisfying way!

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